Built With

Welcome to the Built With section, this is a list of all the tools and services I use to build and operate DSGN as well as a couple of other websites I own.

Every resource listed here is crucial to running DSGN (or were crucial to developing the website to where it is today).

WordPress Hosting

I host DSGN at WP Engine. The best WordPress hosting in the business. Their plans are a little bit pricey but worth every penny.

If you are starting out and looking for more affordable hosting, I’d recommend checking out Bluehost.

WordPress Theme

I use a slightly modified version of Chaplin theme. I like Chaplin because its simple, minimal but yet flexible with full control over the aesthetics like the fonts and colors.

For more sophisticated themes, I usually go to ElegantThemes or ThemesKingdom. They are top-notch on quality and design.

WordPress Plugins

  • Akismet — Protects your website from spam.
  • Jetpack — Adds a lot of useful new functionalities to WordPress.
  • Redirection — Lets you create 301 redirections on fly. Can detect and redirect old WordPress slugs automagically.
  • Site Kit — Google’s official WordPress plugin. Enables analytics and gives you insights to improve your site.
  • The SEO Framework — Yoast SEO is good, but this is even better.


  • Gandi — I register and manage all my domain names at Gandi. I like Gandi for their simplicity and stellar support. I also love them because they support multiple foundations.
  • Grammarly — I speak Arabic and French. Learning a third language is not an easy job for me. I make English grammar and vocabulary mistakes. Grammarly helps me deal with that.

Alright, thanks for reading! I’ll try to keep this page up to date.