What is CopyPasteCharacter?

Originally developed by the team of the Swedish studio Konst & Teknik and Martin Ström, the CopyPasteCharacter service allows you to copy “hidden” characters that are not visible on the keyboard, without having to memorize their ASCII code. You can then paste any copied character into emails, tweets, text documents, forums and whatever else you might need to spice up with an extra symbol.

Why making a copy of CopyPasteCharacter?

On February, 2020 copypatecharacter[dot].com went down. So I decided to make a similar ad-free service as a “backup”. This is not intended to replace the original website in any way. All credits go to original makers.

How can I copy characters?

Simply, single or double-click on any available character and it will be automatically copied to clipboard. Isn’t that awesome?